Barbour Quilted Jacket Reviews: Top 3 Most popular Styles


Barbour Quilted Jacket Review: Top 3 Jackets

1. Barbour Mens Chelsea Sportsquilt Jacket

This specific Barbour quilted jacket is a uniquely comfortable outer layer for any season. Covered in a quilted diamond pattern with premium features hidden throughout the pockets, collar and lining, it is no surprise how this is one of the most popular jackets on the market and within the Barbour brand. 

Its sportquilt pattern refers more to its slimmer fit avoiding that bulky feel with its lightweight diamond shape filling. Although the Chelsea Sportsquilt Jacket will keep you warm in almost any temperature, the Barbour style will not go unnoticed to a fashionista whether its covered in snow, rain, in wind or any other mild condition mother nature can throw in your direction. While it is an outer layer, it will not What’s worse than spending countless minutes getting ready to then throw a jacket on top that will mess up all the work you just did whether it’s a tie, a newly pressed shirt, a sweater…the list goes on.

This Barbour quilted Jacket preserves and maintains any traditional clothing layer underneath while adding a bourgeois spirit on top. 

The size ranges are true to Barbour form starting from small which starts at a chest measurement of  34-36 inches and goes up two inches each size to its largest, X X Large, of 50-52in. Although it is very movement-friendly, I would suggest taking a current jacket of yours (perhaps the one you are trying to replace) to see where you fall within that size chart. Nothing is worse than having a perfectly fitting jacket when standing still but any type of normal movement makes you feel completely restricted and limited. Especially considering the sportier nature of this style of Barbour jacket, it is important to know your sizing in order to get everything out of this high end jacket.    

Color and Trim Details

There are 3 color options for this Barbour model. They include Black, Navy and Olive to round out the darker hue options.screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-11-21-37-am

Getting to the more intricate details of this iconic jacket, it contains a fine leather cover on both sides of the zippers, which are branded. Additionally, the Chelsea Sportsquilt Jacket has a double hand warming pocket and an upper zip
pocket for convenience on one of the sides. With ample amount of storage and natural hand placement in pocket, this Barbour keeps it shape and limits pocket items from poking out.

The stud closure, corduroy lined collar on this Barbour quilted Jacket gives coverage for any cold or sensitive neck while making comfort the main focus. It’s lightweight for comfort but heavy enough to protect you from slightly harsher climates.

Keep in mind that Barbour is not made for skiing in Vermont in January. While it is a sufficiently padded jacket for the majority of places in America, it’s practicality starts to fade once the temperature drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Fitting the Mold

One unique component to this Barbour quilted jacket are the adjustable studded tabs allowing the wearer to make the jacket more snug around the waist. This feature makes this already slimmer jacket even more customizable to a slimmer build.

Speaking of builds, if you happen to be pushing that 74 inch height barrier, this quilted jacket is designed as a mid length outer layer. So it’s iconic fit may not be made for those guys who love a mid-thigh length, peacoat fit or for any professional rowers or basketball players. 

Another stylistic feature is the leather pocket trim which is, again, a good reminder of where this jacket fits on the style/comfort/warmth scale. 

One very cool component to this Barbour quilted jacket is how it doesn’t have that signature waxed material on the outside.

People have complained in the past about that Barbour wax material leaving residue on car seats or other type of seats in the past. Not the case with this one!

When all is said and done, this is the most popular jacket in Barbour’s line up.

Whether you are looking to class up your day to day style or trying to fit that space in your higher end fashion spectrum, this Barbour quilted jacket is up to the task and will make you look like a genius while knowing you are one too!

2. Barbour Mens Powell Quilted Jacket

Adding to the more classic look, low waist Barbour quilted jacket repertoire, this model is simple and stunning. Keeping true to that fine line of fashion and practicality, the Powell quilted jacket adds a flare of sophistication no matter what you’re trying to pull off.  The faint diamond design stitching across the entire jacket makes the simple features fundamental yet smart for any outdoor endeavor. 

Coming from Barbours’ Hacking collection, this signature jacket offers 50 grams of quilted padding to help prevent all sorts of weather conditions from ruining your plans despite not being able to control the weather.

It is one of Barbour’s favorite as it returns to its catalogue every year.

It keeps all clothing neatly packed in underneath while keeping all unwanted weather from entering. 

Sizing and Colors

The size ranges, again, are true to Barbour form but currently available from medium which starts at a chest measurement of  38-40 inches and goes up two inches each size to its largest, X X Large, of 50-52 inches. I would encourage you to measure a current jacket in order to find the best fit especially if you happen to be a bit more outdoorsy so you maintain comfort and warm while allowing for movement. Measure twice, buy once! The right size can mean everything and when you spending this amount on a Barbour quilted jacket. Going through any return process is never fun. 

Color options kept simple. There are 2 color options for this Barbour model. They include Black and Olive to make your selection process easier. screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-4-46-28-pm

Trim and Pocket Details

This Barbour quilted jacket is simple yet elegant. Two front pockets which are fleece-lined with buttoned fasteners add an extra bit of protection from outside forces. Lots of room to carry your wallet, chapstick, phone and whatever else you may consider apart of your essentials. Plus, if those two fill up quickly, there is a third pocket on top of the right zipped pocked that is basically hidden with the exception of the branded metal zipper hanging down. Additionally, the Powell quilted jacket from Barbour has a stylish pleather trim around the collar and wrist cuffs. The button flaps and zippers all sport the iconic brand.

Style comes first with this Barbour quilted jacket but don’t let it’s high fashion sense fool you. It will keep you warm and protected. 

Longer and Higher

What sets this particular jacket apart from the competitors within and outside the brand is its high collar and longer sleeves. Adding increased neck enclosure can be the difference in keeping that body heat inside or becoming that grumpy, cold patron while watching the football game. The added sleeve length allows you to tuck your hands inside when you aren’t using them. 

Perhaps this model speaks to the taller clientele because of its added height and length especially for a Barbour quilted jacket.

I love the longer sleeves and collar. I have the length if I need it but due to its lightweight material, is easy to fold away when I don’t.

Not everyone likes that waxy Barbour material despite it being apart of the original look. You don’t have to worry about that with this Barbour quilted jacket.

Easy to Look Good. Looks Good in all conditions.

Want a jacket with a little added length? Check.

Looking for a popular Barbour quilted jacket? Check

Basic and effective? Check

Can’t go wrong with style or warmth of this jacket. Be sure to check it out here. 

3. Barbour Mens Beauly Quilted Jacket

From the Tartan collection, this Barbour quilted jacket is a perfect combo of light and thermal. With a bit more of a dress up flare, the Beauly is an easy jacket to wear as a quick, warm cover. The thicker quilted pattern puts a little more puff to this jacket while the back side of the jacket is one of their more athletically cut and slimming models. 

In addition, the obvious difference in this jacket comes from the button up front and the clearly different felt collar fold over. This collar stems from the Tartan branding set up along with all other models falling under this collection. 

The collar and button up closure are distinct marks on this Barbour quilted jacket which make it unique and professional. 

A little softer feel and thicker padding make this jacket one of my on-the-go type jackets. Throwing it on over just a t-shirt turns my style up a notch or two while providing a significant amount of warmth. 

Sizing and Colors

Currently, the size options are limited. Available only in Small, which is a chest size of 34-36, Large (42-44 in) and X Large (46-48 in).  As you can see, this is a popular jacket and it is crucial to make sure the size has a little bigger feel than what you are used to as it is a very slim cut in the back. Again, measure twice, buy once! 

The only color available for the Beauly is Navy. Makes that part a little simpler. 

Trim and Pocket Details

The pockets are located in the top left chest as well as the bottom right and left sides. The chest pocket is a welt slit pocket that blends into the chest. The bottom two pockets are flap over for protection and easier storage options.

The needle cord top collar makes this jacket a prominently sophisticated style while adhering to the simplistic Barbour look.

The outside of the jacket is 100% polyamide 2″ boxed quilt while the inner lining is 100% polyester shadow print making for a comfortable and airy feel. 

No Signature Wax on this Barbour quilted Jacket

Not everyone likes that waxy Barbour material despite it being apart of the original look. You don’t have to worry about that with the Beauly. This Barbour quilted jacket is soft, smooth and extremely comfortable. Wont leave a waxy residue anywhere.

For that classic New England look, this jacket mixes comfort with a touch of business professional in a casual setting.

Check this jacket out here

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