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About the company: Southern Marsh company, founded and headquartered in Baton Rouge-Louisiana,  is a clothing and accessories company famous for their fantastic, high quality materials, innovative style and, most importantly, the story hidden in all of their products. Here is a look at the Southern Marsh sale items available now. 

The history of the company: The Southern Marsh company was founded in 2007, when the founders Matthew Valiollahi and Stephen Smith, who were both students of Louisiana State University at the time, decided to create a brand of T-shirts and casual wear inspired by Southern style. As a senior in his final year, Matthew approached his friend Stephen to design the brand, from which came the trademark mallard logo and general aesthetic of the company. At first, the two simply sold their designs, but then moved into designing fabrics from the ground up. Walter Morales, then an adjunct professor at Louisiana State University, helped the two of them to refine their business plan and make the strategy for the future.

Currently, this successful company partners with over 600 retailers across the United States, and has factory operations throughout Asia. In addition, the company has expanded its sales to online shoppers, and also manufactures licensed college apparel.

In August, 2015, the company was listed as one of the 5,000 fastest growing companies in America.

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The Southern Marsh products: Originally, the brand sold only simple T-shirts. Now, the company markets a variety of clothing and accessories including, but not limited to: shorts, pants, dress shirts, jackets, pullovers, polo’s, bags, performance clothing, and hats. Their product line has significantly grown since 2007, mainly due to sizable revenue growth allowing for expansion. Southern Marsh clothing can be found at many high-end retailers across the country, but their clothing items are also available online.

The story behind the Southern Marsh brand:  The story hidden behind the Southern Marsh brand, their philosophy and the mission they want to accomplish, is something completely different than anything else you have seen in the world of fashion today. When we think of Southern Marsh, we think of camping trips with friends, barbecues in the backyard and long summer days spent alongside the coast. Their story is about the South, about their history, their interesting culture and their customs, their original sense of style, their unique and unforgettable charm. It is about best friends who are living for the moment, about those who know how to appreciate small things in life, about all the nature lovers. Southern Marsh is a story about the people who are not afraid to be different, to be themselves, to carry and show their personality everywhere they might go.

The story behind Southern Marsh brand is a story about tradition, friendship, and family.

We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!

Southern Marsh Sale Items

Nashville Gingham Navy Shirt

If you like to keep it simple and casual, If you like classic and versatile clothes, then this Southern Marsh shirt will find a place in your closet. Actually, the Nashville Gingham Dress Shirt is definitely going to be an instant staple in your wardrobe. The fabric is made of very softly spun, double-ply cotton, pre-shrunk and finished with an enzyme wash to give the fabric a broken in feel from the first wash. The Southern Marsh Nashville Gingham, along with being a top Southern Marsh sale item, is a wrinkle-free dress shirt that is 100% cotton, completed with a sharp button down collar, and two button cuffs on the sleeves. The shirt has a classic cut, crafted with double-reinforced stitching and finished with custom laser engraved buttons. These buttons have a signature Southern Marsh logo. This model of shirt comes in 8 different color combinations and it is available in all sizes, from XS to XXL. This one is in color navy and it can be worn with anything you prefer! It is made of high quality material, it is stylish and versatile, and is apart of the Southern Marsh Sale collection- so don`t miss this opportunity!Southern Marsh sale

  • 100% Cotton Blend
  • Fun and Cool Shirt model
  • Wrinkle Free Treatment
  • Cuff Has Two Buttons
  • Button Down Collar
  • Two Button Cuff
  • Laser Engraved Buttons
  • Embroidered Duck on Chest
  • Garment Washed
  • Great Southern Marsh sale item

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Cumberland Plaid Dress Shirt

If you are a bit old school type, but with a dose of innovation, you could like the color combination on this lovely Southern Marsh dress shirt! The Southern Marsh Cumberland Plaid dress shirt fabric is made of softly spun, double-ply cotton yarn, pre-shrunk and finished with an enzyme wash to give the fabric a broken in feel from the first wash. The shirt has a classic cut, crafted with double reinforced stitching and finished with custom laser engraved buttons. We can promise that you will feel the quality and craftsmanship from the first wear. It is very light weighted and comfortable, and the color combination makes it ideal for all seasons. The wrinkle treatment makes it very easy to wash and iron, which is a great news for all of you who are way too busy to worry about these things. It can be a great Christmas gift idea for a gentlemen you love, so don`t miss this opportunity to buy it for a special price! It comes in all sizes, from XS to XXL. Great Southern Marsh sale itemsouthern marsh sale

  • 100% Cotton
  • Ultra Soft Twill Finish
  • Button down collar
  • Wrinkle free treatment
  • Laser engraved Southern Marsh buttons
  • Embroidered duck on chest
  • Lovely color combination
  • Comfortable and light weighted
  • Southern Marsh sale

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