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Known for its flawless mix of high quality materials, style and charm, Southern Marsh’s clothing line is a love note to Southern culture. This famous company was founded in 2007, when the founders Matthew Valiollahi and Stephen Smith, who were best friends and both students of Louisiana State University at the time, decided to create a brand of T-shirts and casual wear inspired by Southern style. At the beginning, all they sold were basic T-shirts. Today, the Southern Marsh retailers and brand have many collections and a variety of clothing and accessories for men, women and youth. They are famous for their unique designs, versatile clothing pieces and high quality materials used for their clothing lines. If you want to find out more about their collections, retailers and places where you can buy their products- keep reading!

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Southern Marsh clothing and accessories collections have something for everyone — from classic pullovers, tees, shorts and dresses for southern belles to fleeces, preppy shirts, pants and hats for the guys. Their attention to details is one of a kind. The materials they use are high quality and incredibly comfortable to wear. Their style is a mix of a casual, city look and the famous Southern tradition.  When we think Southern Marsh and Southern Marsh Retailers, we see tailgates, sprawling campus greens, barbecues in the backyard and long summer days spent alongside the coast. With the introduction of their performance clothing line, Southern Marsh performance gear — including sporting jackets and vests, workout tops, raincoats and hats — can now be spotted at the gym, on fishing boats and on golf courses.

Do yourself a favor and check out their Field Tec outerwear, which offers temperature regulation and moisture wicking technology to help you stay preppy, warm and dry — no matter what the elements throw your way. We hope you enjoy Southern Marsh’s styles as much as we do!

Their product line has significantly grown since 2007, mainly due to sizable revenue growth allowing for expansion. Southern Marsh retailers clothing can be found at many high-end retailers across the country, but their clothing items are also available online. Today, we chose some products sold buy the Southern Marsh retailers online. Take a look, we are sure you will find something for yourself!

Southern Marsh Hat with Tag

The Southern Marsh signature hat with tag is the kind of accessory that would be worn by absolutely everyone! No matter if you are a sport lover heading to a basketball game, businessman on a break,  or a family guy taking his kids to the park on a Saturday morning, this is a classic model of hat that you will be able to wear anytime, in any occasion, with any outfit you choose.

The Southern Marsh Hat with Tag in Navy by Southern Marsh features twill fabric put through several washes to give it a soft broken in feel from the first wear. The fabric is hand cut panel-by-panel and stitched together to ensure a perfect fit every time.

The bill is made to keep a consistent shape and conform to the unique preference of each person.

The hat is finished with a rugged leather strap, brass hardware, and a finely stitched embellishments.southern marsh retailers

Comfortable, practical and stylish! The combination of the color enables you to easily combine this hat with everything else in your wardrobe. It goes perfectly with jeans and snickers, but you can also adapt it to your own style.

With this one, you just can`t be wrong. 

  • Made 100% of Cotton
  • This hat by Southern Marsh features a logo duck on front, embroidered logo on back, and a metal buckle
  • 6 Panel Construction
  • This hat is unstructured for a more comfortable fit
  • Easy to combine, adaptable to any style
  • Regular fit: comes in one size only

Check it out immediately, you won’t regret it!

Southern Marsh Limited Edition Seersucker Hat with Navy Duck 

This one is for both ladies and gentlemen: a lovely, one of a kind, limited edition, elegant but also sporty Southern Marsh Seersucker hat. It is a hat made for everyone who likes looking sharp, stylish, to all of you who are not afraid to be unique and spotted. The Southern Marsh Seersucker hat is also for all the people whose main choice when it comes to clothing is- comfort. This item is available at most Southern Marsh Retailers. 

This hat is light weighted, made completely of 100% seersucker cotton. It is unstructured for comfortable fit. The fabric is hand cut panel-by-panel and stitched together to ensure a perfect fit every time. This one is in white color with elegant, thin light blue stripes and a lovely navy duck on the front of the hat.

Since the Southern Marsh brand is famous for their incredible eye for details, you will find a matching Southern Marsh embroidery in back of this beautiful hat at any Southern Marsh retailer. 

This hat is a regular fit, and it comes in only one size which will be good for everyone. It can be worn with anything you prefer, but let`s say it would look amazing paired with some cool white trousers, basic blue t-shirt, and a pair of comfortable snickers or shoes. southern marsh retailers

  • Low profile pro style hat
  • Unisex- ideal for both women and men
  • Regular fit: one size fits all
  • 100% cotton seersucker
  • Unstructured for comfortable fit
  • Embroidered duck in the front and matching Southern Marsh embroidery in back
  • Leather strap with metal buckle
  • Comfortable and light weighted

Check this product out here

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