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About the company: Southern Marsh

 Known for its amazing mix of high quality materials, Southern charm, original style and incredible attention to detail, Southern Marsh’s clothing line is something you must have heard of. Are you already sporting their Southern Marsh Croakies?

Recently, this company was listed as one of the fastest growing companies in America, but they were not so successful at the beginning. Southern Marsh was born from an idea shared by two good friends and college colleagues, and, with a little help from their professor, they successfully turned this idea into reality. Company is now famous all around the world. One of their most popular items is the Southern Marsh Croakies. 

The story behind the Southern Marsh brand

When we think of Southern Marsh, we think of camping trips with friends, barbecues in the backyard and long summer days spent alongside the coast. Their story is about the South and their history, culture, their original sense of style, their distinctive and undeniable charm. It is about friends who go in adventures together, about the people who know how to appreciate small things in life.  Southern Marsh is all about the people who are not afraid to carry their style with them, anywhere they go.

Their products:  When the brand was founded, it sold only simple T-shirts for men, designed by the owners of the company. Today, the company markets a variety of clothing and accessories including, for women, men and youth. They have numerous collections of different clothing items like: shorts, pants, dress shirts, jackets, pullovers, polo’s, bags, performance clothing, hats etc.

The Southern Marsh company has grown a lot since 2007, and now their clothing can be found at many high-end retailers across the country, but they are also available online.

Find out more about their accessory line: Southern Marsh Croakies or Southern Marsh Sunglasses strap

Southern Marsh brand is famous for it`s amazing attention to details: in all of their clothing pieces you can notice lovely front pockets, embroidered logos, waffle grid textures, ultra soft spun fabrics and garment washing — which adds to the timeless look and feel of their products. But, they put the same effort and detail into all of their accessories as they do with their most popular clothing pieces. And when we talk about the accessories, we must mention some of them: amazing collection of hats for both women and men, beautiful soft blankets, warm scarfs, high quality wallets, laptop cases, signature Southern Marsh sunglasses straps in so many different styles and colors, and many, many more.

Today we will tell you more about the Southern Marsh croakies, as we find them very interesting with their beautiful, custom made design. We are sure you will find something for yourself, and we have nothing else to tell you but to enjoy playing with details like these!

Southern Marsh Gingham Sunglass Strap

This original accessory from Southern Marsh is for everybody who can`t pay look after their sunglasses, who are a bit clumsy, but also for everybody who just want to keep their sunglasses safe and look cool while doing it! You are all ready to go with the Southern Marsh Gingham Sunglass Strap. Their straps feature an assortment of bright colors and stylish patterns, and are made of high-quality neoprene featuring their signature Southern Marsh logo.

These Southern Marsh croakies are built  for both style and function, and you can wear it in different occasions. Be cool wearing these while going to a drink downtown, and look fierce in one of your weekend adventures with friends. The Gingham pattern look so elegant and it will be a perfect detail to any outfit you choose. They are so versatile and soft, you won`t be able to take them off! Embellish your favorite sunglasses with these lovely accessories, and we can promise you: everybody will want the same. They can be a great idea for a gift, also! Southern Marsh croakies

  • Bonded Neoprene
  • Center Printed Brand
  • Stitched End Construction
  • Great Gift Idea
  • Stylish and versatile
  • Variety of styles and colors

Pros and Cons:

Pros: This croakie is a great accessory, good quality material, original style, amazing idea for a gift.

Cons: Doesn`t fit sunglasses with larger ends.

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Southern Marsh Sunglass Strap

The Southern Marsh sunglasses straps are so unique and stylish that you won`t be needing any other accessory besides them. Each of them is made of high-quality neoprene and they are very durable and made for any action and adventure you have in mind. The Southern Marsh products are famous for their great details, and that is why here we can see a centered Southern Marsh croakie and logo and so many beautiful, stylish patterns and colors to choose from. This one comes in a beautiful, soft Bimini Green color which will bring a dash of Summer into every day. Like we have said, wear it anytime, no matter what`s the weather like, what outfit you are wearing, or where are you going.Southern Marsh croakies

  • Great gift idea
  • Center printed brand
  • Stitched end construction
  • Bonded neoprene
  • Durable and high quality
  • Original and stylish
  • A variety of colors and patterns

Pros and Cons:

Pros: Great quality, interesting and original design, practical and stylish.

Cons: Doesn`t fit larger end sunglasses.

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Southern Marsh Striped Sunglass Strap

If you are looking for an accessory that would be more a piece of art than a clothing piece, if you want to be original and stylish in every occasion: then the Southern Marsh Striped sunglasses strap is the perfect solution for you. This unique accessory from the famous brand is made for both fashion and practical reasons. It will protect your favorite sunglasses while in the same time it will make you look stylish and cool anywhere you go. They are made of high quality neoprene and they have a fantastic detailing including: the signature Southern Marsh logo in the middle of the strap, beautiful and original designs and patterns and a variety of colors to choose from. This one features a lovely combination of purple and yellow shades, and it is a great accessory to anything you decide to wear that day. From Monday to Sunday, take them with you everywhere you go! Southern Marsh croakies

  • Officially Licensed
  • Great Gift Idea
  • 21 in. long 3/4 in. wide
  • Bonded Neoprene
  • Centered printed brand logo
  • Choose your favorite from a variety of colors and patterns

Pros and Cons:

Pros: Great design, completely unique, good quality material.

Cons: Doesnt fit larger end sunglasses.

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Party Southern Marsh Sunglass Strap

If you enjoy wearing original and creative clothes, if you are an artistic type who is not afraid to experiment with colors and styles, if you like to party, if you want to be different and spotted in every occasion: then check out this unique piece of accessory coming from our favorite Southern Marsh! Their lovely sunglasses traps are the kind of accessory you can carry with you anywhere you go. It is made of great quality neoprene, it is very durable and firm, and the stitched end construction will make sure your favorite pair of sunglasses is safe and protected all the time.

This Southern Marsh sunglasses strap is the officially licensed product of the brand, and it comes in a beautiful, bright pink color with their signature Southern Marsh logo printed in the central part. Wearing this, you will bring sunlight into every room. Since the holidays are near, this lovely sunglasses trap can be another idea for a perfect gift to someone you love. Southern Marsh Croakies

  • Great Gift Idea
  • 21 in. long 3/4 in. wide
  • Bonded Neoprene
  • Centered printed brand logo
  • Bright color and amazing details

Pros and Cons:

Pros: Good quality, soft material, original design, great colors to choose from.

Cons: Doesn`t fit larger end sunglasses.

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