Join the Big Lilly Pulitzer Sale Today


Join The Big Lilly Pulitzer Sale Today

Lots of people, especially mothers and daughters around the world love the Lilly Pulitzer brand, because they  offer adorable, yet practical items. Lilly Pulitzer is know as the girl’s best friend, and for a good reason. Their clothing is always fun, cheery and so Lilly! And now, they’re having a big Lilly Pulitzer Sale. We’ve looked at 7 different items for you, and we’re sure you’ll find something you love. These make great gifts for anyone who likes Lilly Pulitzer!

Lilly Pulitzer Sale Items #1 and #2 – Add Style to Your Suitcase

If you’ve had issues misplacing your passport in the past, here’s a great idea. Get a brightly colored passport cover.

 Women’s Passport Cover

If you’ve had issues misplacing your passport in the past, here’s a great idea. Get a brightly colored passport cover.

Lilly Pulitzer saleThis Lilly Pulitzer sale item will be great for holding everything together at the airport. The Ocean Jewels design is an extremely eye-catching Lilly print. It will bring a smile to your face when you use it and you certainly won’t lose it in your purse! It’s so bright and cheerful! The passport cover looks gorgeous, but it’s practical as well. There are a few pockets on the inside flap to hold credit cards, money, or whatever you typically carry.

Check this cover out here

You can also choose to get this matching Lilly Pulitzer sale item. 

Lilly Pulitzer Luggage Tag and Passport Holder

Lilly Pulitzer Sale Item #3 Matching Set for Your Travels

Another great passport holder but with a different design is the Lilly Pulitzer Luggage Tag and Passport Holder. It is a very stylish passport cover and it comes with a matching luggage tag, which is an added bonus. You will feel very secure carrying your passport around in this. The design makes it easy to locate the passport in your luggage and it makes traveling more fun! This will make a great Christmas present for a friend or a family member, who travels often. Or you can make this a little present from you to you. It’s very cute and a good size. It will definitely protect your passport during your travels.Lilly Pulitzer sale

There are 3 slots inside the front cover to put cards or other IDs as needed. Very sturdy, stylish and well-made. We all know that traveling can leave you looking pretty disheveled. Having the matching set in Lilly’s Lagoon color will make you feel like a more polished traveler. Happy travels! 

Check this travel set out here

Women’s Pajama Pant

Now that you’ve reached that amazing travel destination you will probably feel wore out. This is where a great pair of pajamas comes in handy. Beautiful Pajama Pants are a bit of an indulgence – but you are worth it as it is an inexpensive treat. This Lilly Pulitzer sale item  offers all the comfort that a girl would want. The material is thin and breathable which is great for hot nights, and the colors are just… gorgeous. A splash of bright pink, shades of blue and yellow. All the bright colors that you’ve come to expect from your Lilly pieces, and they are INCREDIBLY comfortable! They also look so good that you’ll love to lounge around in them.Lilly Pulitzer sale

All you need is some matching tees in bright colors to wear with them. The color, fit, and softness are just right and so much fun to fall asleep in and wake up with! If you wish to make them even softer, throw them in the washer on the delicate cycle and set them out to dry! They get softer and softer with each wash.

Enjoy these fabulous pants!

Wild Confetti Market Bag

Another great item that will definitely brighten up your day when you set out to the grocery store is the Lilly Pulitzer Market Bag. It is stylish, it is cute, and best of all, it is a environmentally-friendly market bag! You will get TONS of compliments for it. lilly pulitzer saleIt’s very sturdy and large and the straps are nice and wide. You can fill it to the brim with groceries without worrying if it will rip. You can also use it to transport things to work. Everything from your laptop and books to the grocery order will go in this bag and hold steady.It is a durable bag to use as a carry all that comes in a happy print. 

Another idea would be to get it as a gift bag, so the recipient will have plenty of use for it as well. It will be like a double present, which is awesome. The bag folds up pretty small and will fit in your purse easily. This is a great everyday bag to have around!

Be sure to check this bag out here. 

Marlowe Dress Stripe

If you’ve been on the lookout for the perfect striped dress that can span multiple seasons,  you will absolutely love the softness and comfort that the Lilly Pulitzer Marlowe lilly pulitzer saleDress Stripe provides. This dress is a nice thick cotton fabric, which will work great in the desert heat. It’s a t-shirt kind of material, but thicker than a t-shirt. The material is softer than other Lilly Pulitzer dresses, fits well and the color is gorgeous. It keeps its shape and is not sheer at all. Once you put it on, you’ll want to wear it all day, every day. It is very comfortable and can be dressed up with accessories or worn casually with some sandals.

The length is perfect for work, with the hem being a wide banded hem. The neckline looks flattering, and the sleeves are a nice length too, 3/4 length. Perfect for lazy days at work, running errands, going to sporting events, pool cover-ups, and days out on the boat. A great dress for spring, summer and fall.

Be sure to look more at the dress here. 

Lyla Ladies Designer Full-rim Eyeglasses

The Lilly Pulitzer Lyla Ladies Designer Full-rim Eyeglasses is one of the most popular designer eyewear styles on the market right now. They feel nice and light, and look even more elegant once you put them on. The rhinestones set on the frame add a bit of a sparkle to them. This is sure to get you a lot of compliments, and it makes the glasses really stand out from the rest.The frame is fully rx-able and can be fitted with prescription or tinted lenses at most optical stores.Lilly Pulitzer sale

It comes with factory demo lenses that have a logo stamped on them in ink. These eyeglasses are made of high quality, durable acetate plastic. The frame has spring hinges that prevent you from stretching the fit of your glasses and ensure that they remain intact and not become loose or out of shape.

Check out these glasses here

With this we conclude todays list of 7 Items included in the Lilly Pulitzer Sale. These items are sure to create a birghter, happier day for you and your loved ones. What really sets Lilly Pulitzer apart, besides the great quality and exciting prints, is the outstanding staff. From the manager, to the assistant manager to all the employees. They are so helpful, so cheerful and always greet you with a big smile. This company is incredibly smart to have created a work culture where employees strive so hard to satisfy the customer. Once you start purchasing their products, you feel like you’re part of a big happy family. This is one of the reason why we thought you’ll be interested in joining in the BIG Lilly Pulitzer Sale Today.

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