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Pillowcase – Wallpaper Collection

The Lilly Pulitzer Pillowcase Wallpaper collection reflects the sea-side life style. It offers bright colors, playful designs and artistic feel. You will love the material because it feels so soft and comforting. It is definitely made of high quality fabrics, and you will know it the first time you touch the material. It is a pleasure to own these pillow cases, both because of the look they showcase and the comfort they provide.LIlly Pulitzer wallpaper

The artistic design makes the pillowcase a fantastic choice for everyone that would like to enrich their house with style. Today we look at 4 different Lilly Pulitzer Wallpaper Pillowcase designs that you’re sure to love! They all come with a hidden zipper, unparalleled quality and a burst of color to brighten up your day.

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Lilly Pulitzer Soft Pillow Case Cover

This item has bright colors to Make Your Room Pop

When it comes to artistic details, you will find the Lilly Pulitzer wallpaper designed Soft Pillow Case Cover very pleasing. I love that it is made of a beautiful material that is comfy enough to be an accent pillow indoors but durable enough to be used outdoors. Everything about the pillowcase is picture perfect! It will definitely add brightness to any space.Lilly Pulitzer wallpaper

The vibrant colors of this pillow case will make a room pop. The fabric is soft yet still thick and durable. It’s a zippered pillow case, with a hidden zipper compartment on the side, which is a neat feature. With the hidden zipper, you would never know they were covers. You could fit a standard sized pillow in this pillowcase. If you are a Lilly Pulitzer fan you will love this pillowcase. It will be a great addition to your bed and décor.

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Customize Your Pillowcase

When it comes to decorating your home, getting pillowcases that will match your style can get tricky. This is where Lilly Pulitzer wallpaper designs have come up a great addition to its pillowcase line. Why not customize your own design of pillowcase? A fantastic example from the Lilly Pulitzer Wallpaper collection is the Personalized Pillowcase which gives you exactly the freedom to customize your own design. Just imagine having pillowcases that will match any style in your home. With the Lilly Pulitzer Wallpaper collection the options are limitless.Lilly Pulitzer wallpaper

The Lilly Pulitzer Wallpaper collection will look great in the living room, the bedroom, children’s room, or even on your patio furniture during the summer. The pillowcases are printed on 2 sides and designed to add sophistication and style to your home.

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Your Children Will Love This Pillowcase

screen-shot-2017-01-05-at-11-36-01-amHappy whales in your children’s room? Must be the Lilly Pulitzer Wallpaper pillow cases, bringing more joy to another lucky kid. Decorate your children’s room in style with this high-quality, great looking pillow case. Having a zipper will keep the pillow securely inside the case. This will also be a lovely present for the sea enthusiasts.LIlly Pulitzer wallpaper

Or, if you have that kind of a theme going in your home then definitely go for this one, it’s a great looking pillow case that is sure to improve your mood. The color is vibrant and the material seems quite durable.

Certainly cheaper than buying new pillows too. It is very soft and it’s the perfect size.

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The Calming Flight of the Lilly Butterfly

People that enjoy the outdoors and the nature will surely want to get some Lilly Pulitzer Butterfly pillow cases. Featuring brightly colored butterflies on a calming deep blue background, quality material, and a durable hidden zipper, it is a great product for the price! It is super easy to take off, and it retains its colors even after quite a few cycles. The material, the color and the quality are fantastic. When it comes to maintenance you won’t have to worry about wrinkles on your pillow cases ever again!Lilly Pulitzer wallpaper

The Lilly Pulitzer Wrinkle resistant and stain-resistant pillowcases are also made with weather resistant fabric for indoor and outdoor use. It is obvious that Lilly Pulitzer has succeeded in producing some great quality pillow cases! Most people hate buying new pillows because you’ll have to store the old ones somewhere.  That’s why it is always best to buy pillow cases and rotate them, in my opinion. With these pillow cases choosing your pattern will be fun. This is always the case with Lilly Pulitzer items, because there are just so many colors and themes you can choose from. One thing that definitely sets Lilly Pulitzer aside from the rest is the vibrant, lively colors that bring life to your home. And that is why we love the Lilly Pulitzer Wallpaper collection so much.

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