Barbour: Inside the Brand and an Extensive Catalogue guide


The Guide to the Iconic Hunting Brand

The Barbour brand breakdown with different reviews, guides and outlines of all products; mens, womens, jackets, coats, vest, dog, accessories, etc. Barbour

Signature Look

Giving this company its origin story, the Barbour waxed Jacket look is inherently classic. Starting back in 1894, both mens and womens have been staples in the shooting, hunting and outdoor clothing arena. The waxed cotton is the brands signature look.

Barbour Coats

Come on…what’s the difference?  Not much but enough especially the deeper you dive! In the outer layer world, coats tend to be longer than jackets extending down to thighs and used for providing more warmth. True to definition, a jacket goes to your waist while a coat is longer and heavier. Although the name may be Barbour jacket, its length for those true definition seekers is actually more of a coat.

Barbour Vest

Ounce for ounce probably one of the better deals any item has to offer. Maintaining that New England Prep look for Men or Women. While able to wear the during any season, the Barbour vest is an acquired look for that fashion savvy professional.


Perhaps the most prevalent Barbour accessory is the Barbour wax. We all know it, its that signature look and smell that so many people have come to love and idolize. Others, have come to revere the smell while others constantly find themselves worried about the marks, residue and wax that it can leave on various surfaces.

Barbour hats have become more and more popular as the thick and waxy material can protect your head and face from the sun, excess wind as well as tree branches. Barbour hats while probably more for the functional aspect are another Accessory. Coming in Trench, Hunter,  Flat, Sport and Trapper hat styles for either Men or Women.

Quilted Jacket

These are definitely stylistic choices depending on the weather and what activities you are looking to do. More flexibility, lighter fabric or fashionable warmth are all areas to keep in mind. Here are options that Barbour quilted jackets have.

Barbour Boots

Styles for both Men and Women again. These boots protect from your mid calf all the way down. With snow and rain boot options, its hard to find a boot with more style and protection.

Other Jackets

Some Jackets fall under their own categories due to stylistic add ons or features. Due to the brands’ popularity, it is worth it to check out the other options that may not fall under any of the previous jacket categories. Not necessarily waxed or quilted, Barbour jackets come in other shapes and models.

Barbour Dog

Collars with the classic image for your dog that wants to match. Waxed Coats for the same outdoor protection. And beds with the classic look, comfort and style.

Barbour Mens

Be sure to check out all of the Mens styles within the entire catalogue. From hats to boots to jackets to heavier coats, there is always something to add to your wardrobe from this company.

Barbour Womens

One of the best combinations of a prep look, this hunting style company offers so many styles and articles for women. Womens products provide great protection from harsh weather conditions without missing a thread of modern hunting style.


Follow this guide to other Barbour products

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