Barbour Hats: The Hunting look for your head


The Hat for Hunting: Barbour Hats

The Barbour brand is famous all over the world.  Something they are probably known for are their amazing jacket collections, a true synonym for tradition, durability and quality. Other than its waxed and quilted jackets, J. Barbour & Sons Ltd. are famous for many other clothing pieces such as: sweaters, moleskin clothing, corduroy clothing, Tattersall shirts and different accessories pieces such as gloves and hats. In recent years the company has successfully modernized its collections to appeal to a younger clientele while maintaining credibility with the traditional countryside customer. Barbour hats are no different. 

There is a special place for hats in each of their collections.

Barbour has a huge selection of different models of hats, from sporting caps to bucket hats, flat caps, beanie hats, trappers and bushmans, in a range of colors to suit every occasion, from Barbour’s classic tartan ranges to tweed and camouflage, or the more traditional waxed cotton. There’s a Barbour hat here for everyone. 

Barbour hats and waxed caps are focused on keeping you dry from the rain. With a timeless adherence to quality materials, you can trust that your waxed hat or cap by Barbour won’t let you down. Attention to detail and embellishments bring this hat into modern times. Wearing these hats you can enjoy the trips to the countryside, but also wear it for a night out downtown occasionally. Choose colors to combine with your favorite outfit and adjust it for the occasion you prefer.

On the other side, there are the Barbour beanies. Barbour hats aren’t just for the kiddos anymore and beanie hats continue to make a resurgence with their wide variety of materials, colors and embellishments. A Barbour beanie hat is sure to do it’s job keeping your head warm when the cold won’t stop knocking. It is a perfect choice for cold winter days, especially if you are more of an outdoor type and like to go skiing or hiking in the hills.

Barbour hats are available for every single occasion you can think of: For days out in the field, look no further than the charming selection for waxed and tweed trapper hats to keep you cozy and warm, or go traditional with a flat cap crafted from the finest wool. When you’re heading away on holiday, you have their signature sun hats, the perfect travel companions for keeping you cool and chic in the sun. For rainy days, they offer a fantastic selection of waterproof hats for the active outdoor people who like to spend time outside despite the rain. Today we will present you two types of Barbour hats: one classic model and one which is more sporty. Check out these two reviews and choose the ideal accent to your outfit…

Barbour Crushable Bushman Hat for Men or Women


The Barbour Crushable Bushman hat can be worn by both ladies and gentlemen. It is made from 100% wool, and it is finished with a real leather hat band which is a great detail, along with the distinctive Barbour logo. This hat simply bounces back after it’s been folded away: So classy! This makes it perfect for taking away on holiday since it won’t get ruined in your suitcase. So, it can be folded, crushed or rolled without losing its shape! The wool felt hat is great for men or women who want the cowboy or cow gal look, but you are free to combine it and style it anyway you want. This stylish and practical hat is offered in black and olive, two stunning neutral shades that will easily complement any outfit. This model of a hat just won`t go out of style. The Barbour Crushable Bushman hat comes in all sizes so you can make sure it will fit you perfectly. The price of this beautiful model is: $138.00.

  • Wide-brim styling
  • Leather band with logo; crushable design feature
  • Re-gains its shape when folded away
  • Hat: wool; trim: leather
  • Sponge clean only
  • Comes in all sizes: from S to XL
  • Two neutral colors available
  • Light weighted and comfortable
  • unisex

Check this hat out now

Barbour Wax New Trench Hat for women

The Barbour Wax New Trench hat for ladies is the iconic trench style hat. It is made from 100% Sylkoil signature Barbour`s waxed cotton that gives a robust protection. The inner part is made of 100% classic, signature Barbour tartan cotton. This amazing hat is waterproof and you can wear it anytime, under any weather conditions. It will also help you add a touch of style to your look this season  a classical Barbour design. If you are a lady who enjoys sports an outdoor activities, it will be perfect accessorize for the rest ofBarbour hats your outfit. However, we are sure that even more elegant combinations can be fulfilled with this amazing piece. This new 3 panel design has been teamed with classic trench shape for a stylish finish you are going to love. The buckle detail to the outer, along with the Barbour logo,  gives you an added touch of stylish detailing. This hat is available in three traditional colors that are so easy to combine: black, olive green and navy blue. It is available in all sizes and you can be sure that it will fit you perfectly. If you take good care of this hat, it will last you for ages. So make sure to sponge clean it only, without tumble drying or ironing. 

  • 100% waxed cotton outer material
  • 100% cotton signature Barbour Tartan inner material
  • Barbour branded buckle detail with a Barbour logo
  • Available in all sizes: from S to XL
  • Comes in three traditional colors
  • Sponge clean only
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Light weighted and versatile

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These were the two of our favorite models when it comes to Barbour hats. They are completely different and yet, they have many characteristics in common. Depending on your style, personality and habits, we are sure you will be able to choose the hat that will be perfect for you. With these Barbour hats you will get two in one: great style, and great protection during bad weather! Invest in a classy piece that will last you for a very long time, and you will not regret it.

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