The Barbour Hat: Rise of Popularity of a Barbour Hat


Barbour Hat: The style and features of different models for Men

Hats are slowly becoming a daily accessory for more and more modern gentlemen, reminding us of the old, good times when men wouldn’t leave the house without one. A Barbour hat is a synonym for class, style and outdoor headwear.

A Barbour hat is an accessory piece which will make any outfit stand out. A perfect detail for any occasion and all seasons. Today, men’s hats come in many shapes, sizes and fabrics, and most of the famous clothing brands have a hat collection of their own.

Barbour brand has a big selection of different models of hats, from sporting caps to bucket hats, flat caps, beanie hats, trappers and bushman, in a range of colors to suit every occasion, from Barbour’s classic tartan ranges to tweed and camouflage, or the more traditional waxed cotton. There’s something for everyone. Barbour hat

Barbour waxed hats and waxed caps are focused on keeping out the rain. Attention to detail and embellishments bring this hat into modern times. Wearing these hats you can enjoy the weekend getaways to the countryside, but also wear it for a night out with boys from time to time. Choose your favorite colors to combine with every single outfit and mix and match it for the occasion you prefer.

Then, we have the modern Barbour beanies. A Barbour beanie hat is sure to do it’s job keeping your head warm when the cold won’t stop knocking. It is a perfect choice for cold winter days, especially if you are more of an outdoor type and like to go skiing or hiking in the hills.

There is a Barbour hat for every single occasion you might need: For days out in the hills, there is no better choice than the charming selection of waxed and tweed trapper hats to keep you cozy and warm, or go traditional with a flat cap crafted from the finest wool. When you’re going away on holiday, there are their signature sun hats, the perfect travel companions for keeping you cool and stylish in the sun. For rainy days, they offer a fantastic selection of waterproof hats for the active outdoor people who like to spend time outside despite the rain.

Today, we will present you two models of Barbour hats. These are created for active, adventurous gentlemen who enjoy spending their free time outside, hiking, practicing sports or even hunting. Check out the reviews of the Barbour Fleece Lined Hunter hat and the Barbour Waxed Flat Cap for men:

Barbour Fleece Lined Hunter Hat for Men

The Barbour Men’s Fleece Lined Hunting Waxed Hat is one of the most popular hats online. It is the perfect winter hat and has been designed for keeping out the rain and wind. Wear it under all weather conditions and feel warm and comfortable all the time. Fleece lined ear flaps will make sure that your ears are kept warm, and they are lined with a traditional signature Barbour tartan material. This hat is an absolutely classic piece worn all year round with 100% waxed cotton outer for reliable weather protection. Inside is made of a cozy insulating fleece material. The Men’s Barbour Fleece Lined Trapper Waxed Hat features a strap that fastens under the chin to prevent your favorite item blowing away on a windy day.Barbour hat

Wear it on so many ways: it goes with every single style, casual, more sporty or even a bit elegant with a coat and a pair of nice boots. It is extremely warm and soft. The detailing is very nice is simple.

The Barbour Men’s Fleece Lined Hunting Waxed Hat is available in all sizes, from S to XXL. It comes in two neutral colors: black and olive. Clean with a damp cloth or sponge, no tumble dry and no ironing.

  • 100% waxed cotton outer
  • 100% Barbour Tartan and polyester fleece inner
  • Fleece lined ear flaps
  • Woven Barbour flag label
  • Size: S – XXL
  • Peak, ear and neck flaps
  • Stud fastening front peak
  • Woven Barbour branded flag label
  • Colors: black and olive
  • Clean with a damp cloth

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Barbour Waxed Flat Cap for Men

Far from the northern stereotype, today a flat cap sits comfortably atop many a fashionable man’s head. With options in a range of materials and colors the Barbour men’s flat caps are just as popular with country folk as they are with city slickers. A style statement or functional necessity a Barbour flat cap should be atop every man’s list.

The Barbour Waxed Flat Cap for men Barbour Men’s Waxed Flat Cap is a traditional style Barbour waxed cotton cap. It is made of 100%  waterproof waxed cotton material outside, with traditional signature Barbour tartan lining on the inside.  This Barbour hat is a handsome combination of weather resistance, classic style, and thorn proof durability for all weather conditions.

You can wear this Barbour hat on so many different occasions: it can adjust to any sporty look, for a walk in the hills, an afternoon golf game with your friends, or even a hunting trip. It will be perfect for rainy nights in the city, and you can wear it with a coat, warm sweater and nice boots. It also coordinates well with all Barbour jackets. In any case, you need this piece in your collection, take good care of it and it will last you for a very long time.Barbour hat

The Barbour Waxed Flat Cap for men is available in three classic Barbour colors: navy blue, olive green and sage. Choose the one you like the best but be sure that you will combine it easily with the rest of your wardrobe. This lovely and practical cap comes in all sizes, from S to XXL. Cleaning is very simple, you can use just cold sponge, with no soap and detergents.

This Barbour hat is a Waxed Flat Cap for men and is a great accessory that will give the right accent to any of your outfits. The quality and durability of these hats are made for an active lifestyle and the fit varies according to each garment’s design and purpose.

  • Traditional driving cap styling
  • 100% Cotton waxed outer
  • Thorn proof wax
  • Extremely water resistant
  • Sponge clean only
  • Wipe clean with cold sponge
  • All sizes: from S to XXL
  • Colors: navy, olive green, sage

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