Barbour Accessories: Hats, Waxed Caps and hunting apparel


An Introduction into the Barbour Accessories collection

Discover the style of Barbour – a style that is traditional but adapted to modern times. A style so elegant you can wear it for any fancy occasion, and on the other hand, comfortable and practical which makes it perfect for peaceful weekend getaways to the countryside. Barbour is a true British brand, and this is where they find the inspiration for each of their clothing pieces and Barbour accessories: their homeland.  From the iconic wax jackets Beaufort and Bedale to the pioneered quilt, they have long been the creators of innovative outdoor country clothing since their commencement in 1894 – engineering an iconic vision for themselves as a prestigious household name at the forefront of classic attire.

The Barbour brand offers broad clothes ranges for men, women, children, footwear and accessories. They are famous for their high quality waxed and quilted jackets, warm sweaters, moleskin clothing, corduroy clothing, Tattersall shirts and many different types of beautiful accessories pieces. Designed to perfectly complement Barbour’s clothing range, the large selection of Barbour accessories will add a finishing touch to all of your outfits. There a lot of items to choose for both men and women. Gentlemen can choose something from a wide selection of Men’s accessories this winter: from stylish tartan handkerchiefs to premium leather belts, cotton-rich socks and many models of beautiful hats and beanies for every occasion. For ladies, there are soft lambs wool socks, practical umbrellas, a large selection of hats and caps, join leather belts and much more in their rich collection of stylish accessories.

Since the holidays are approaching, some of Barbour accessories could be a good idea for a present to your loved ones!

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone special or a distinguished accessory for your favorite outfit, then look no further than our outstanding range of Barbour gifts and accessories. Ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, or ‘just because’, their extensive range of gifts will help you to find a present that will show them just how much you care. With everything from a selection of luxurious Barbour phone and tablet cases for the style-conscious techie in your life, to exquisite watches for a more timeless gift, there is something to suit every taste. Or if you’re just treating yourself, browse through their practical belts, brollies, and Barbour jacket care products, or grab a little something for your furry friend with their cute collection of dog coats and accessories. Whatever the occasion, Barbour accessories are sure to make friends and family smile. And they will make you smile, too!

Barbour Wax Cotton Flat Cap for men

The Barbour Waxed Cotton Flat Cap for men is a traditional style Barbour cap. This is  s classic sports hat, but it`s middle weight and thorn proof wax offer robust protection and water resistance during the colder seasons. It has a studded front peak, the outer material is made of 100% cotton and it also includes 100% cotton signature Barbour tartan lining. This practical cap for gentlemen is a handsome combination of weather resistance, classic looks, and thorn proof durability. It coordinates well with all Barbour jackets, but you can also combine it with other clothing pieces you have in your wardrobe. Barbour accessoriesIt is elegant but also sporty, and you will have many options when it comes to mix and matching this lovely accessory piece from Barbour. You can clean it with sponge, no soap and no tumble dry.  It is available  in traditional Barbour colors. Sizes: 6⅞, 7, 7⅛, 7¼, 7⅜, 7½, 7⅝. 

  • Medium weight Sylkoil Wax
  • Classic and versatile
  • Extremely water resistant
  • 100% cotton signature Barbour tartan lining
  • Sponge clean only, no tumble dry and ironing
  • Sizes: 6 7/8 – 7 5/8

Check out this hat here

Barbour Stanhope Wax Trapper Hat for men

The Barbour Stanhope Wax Trapper Hat for men is traditionally-styled with signature diamond quilted details and classical Barbour authenticity. With a stylish new color range, the popular Stanhope Trapper hat features a box-quilted waxed cotton outer and the  lightweight cotton lining carries a classic signature Barbour tartan print.

A super-warm Shearling fleece lining to the ear flaps flaps fold down to keep your ears snug and dry on a cold and breezy day, or can be easily folded up when not needed.  provides essential winter insulation.Barbour accessories

The Barbour Accessories are very popular due to it having a traditional and luxurious look and feel and features the Barbour signature diamond quilt design.  Perfect essential winter insulation when you are outside, walking the dog, or when you go downtown for a drink with friends. A stylish addition to any outfit and a must have item all year round.  It comes in different sizes (from S to XL) and it is available in two traditional Barbour colors. You can clean it with sponge only, no soap and no tumble dry or ironing. 

  • 100% waxed cotton outer
  • 100% cotton Barbour Tartan lined crown
  • Polyester shearling fleece trim
  • Sizes: S | M | L | XL
  • Makes any outfit stands out
  • Sponge clean only, no tumble dry and ironing

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Barbour Wax Sports Hat for women

The Barbour Wax Sports Hat for women is a perfect hat for the Autumn and Winter season. This beautiful model is seasonal staple which is constructed with water-repellent waxed cotton and a fleece lining for extra warmth. It will ensure you stay warm and dry while looking stylish at the same time! It is made of polyester fleece lined crown. Barbour accessories

The Barbour Ladies Waxed Sports Hat is water resistant  and very comfortable, which is ideal for those wet mornings spent walking the dog, or even when you are somewhere in the countryside or during hiking. You can clean it with sponge only, no tumble dry and no ironing. It is available in 4 sizes: from S to XL.

  • 100% waxed cotton outer
  • Polyester fleece lined crown
  • External branding
  • Sponge clean only, no tumble dry and no ironing
  • Extremely water resistant

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