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Fishing for the right clothing in any sport can be tough. You may not immediately associate the sport of fishing with apparel that matters but there are a lot of factors to consider due to the outdoor, water affiliated and potentially messing nature of Fishing. AFTCO shorts are one of those brands to consider.

AFTCO Shortsimages

For any activity, there is proper clothing and equipment to be used that should be observed if you want maximum performance and ultimate comfort and safety. For example, if you want to play badminton, there are strict rules that you must follow, especially if you are playing at an indoor gym or facility with specialized flooring that requires a specific type of shoes.

Fishing is the same way. While not always as active as badminton, AFTCO shorts material encourages movement while allowing you to carry the necessary equipment. It also provides protection and comfort so nothing will interfere with the unknowns of your fishing adventure!

Fishing outfits, like AFTCO shorts, need to be light and breathable while serving a high level utility function.

They provide proper ventilation for the body during  a long day in the sun and heat.

Fishing Apparel and Its Importance

With the rise of fishing as an outdoor game or leisurely activity, many have come to appreciate the demands and disciplines required by fishing. Today, fishing does not only pertain to fishermen going out to the sea to catch boatloads of fish to be sold in the market. But now, fishing also pertains to the leisurely activity of catching fish as a hobby or in a competitive game.  Aside from it being a good way to exercise the mind and flex those muscles, you get to have food on the table after you catch some big fish! You also get to experience and appreciate nature more as you get out of your house and onto the water for a little friendly competition.

Nothing beats a few hours of fresh air and the calming effect of water to soothe your wary and tired bodies. For those true fishing enthusiasts, you know how exhausting it can be.

Why not wear clothing that will increase your relaxation state but keep you ready for those rigorous reel ins of the big ones? And if you go out with a friend or your kid, it can also be a good bonding moment to create fun memories and build stronger relationships!

Protection From Sunlight


In fishing, one of the biggest challenges is how to protect oneself from sunlight. With the proper fishing apparel, anglers are protected from the searing heat of the sun. That  helps prevents from having sunburn, skin aging, dryness, wrinkles and decreased chances from skin cancer by covering your legs. (Other parts
of your body can get similar benefits with other AFTCO apparel). In addition, proper fishing apparel helps to keep the anglers cool and comfortable all day long. This is especially true for those anglers who want to spend hours in the water. They must be aware of the possible skin damage that can result from those activities and how best to protect themselves with performance fishing apparel.

Added flexibility

The right fishing apparel will also give added flexibility and thereby afford a smoother and unrestricted casting motion for all anglers. Even more so with highly-active type of fishing, materials with added spandex will be more flexible and durable while preventing the material from being ripped apart.


Fishing exposes oneself and the clothes you sport to the wear and tear caused by natural elements like water, air and soil. Fishing is indeed one of those activities that is hard on clothing. Contact with saltwater, being dried under the sun and becoming wet again without being rinsed or cleaned properly contributes to those aspects. It is for this very reason that you should consider investing in durable and quality fishing apparel if you are one serious fishing enthusiast. Even though they may be a bit costly at first, the payoff in the long run is worth it. The durability  of AFTCO shorts and their other quality apparel will not require another dollar on an unplanned purchase. As we always say, you should prefer value for your money than just plain appearance and cheap cost. You can’t find more practical functioning shorts with this style in the market. 

Now those who are ready to start a fishing hobby, it’s also important to note when the fishing season is in your area to maximize your time on the water, and equally important to know about the fishing regulations in your area to practice safe fishing and help preserve our water ecosystems.l_fisher_boats_1610_ss_2007_ai-255322_ii-11559974

Key Concepts when Buying Fishing Apparel

When choosing clothes specifically for fishing, I think it’s important to check the mix of material.  They should be a combination that support lighter and roomier leg space to give the utmost comfort while fishing. In addition, it should be durable in order to withstand wear and tear from the natural elements like water and sunlight. We need to consider the price and keep it within our budget as well as where or how we are going to purchase such apparel… Either from a AFTCO branded store or from an online store for convenience and cheaper prices.

Featured below is our top-rated Fishing Shorts for fishing enthusiasts. The Pros and Cons to help you more efficiently decide if these AFTCO Shorts are for you and when to purchase. 


AFTCO Bluewater M01L Long Traditional Fishing Shorts – Khaki – 36″

AFTCO shorts

AFTCO Traditional M01L Long Fishing Shorts are a result of strong customer demand for a longer and roomier version of their #1 selling AFTCO Traditional Fishing Shorts, with an additional 2” in length and increased room in the inseam, AFTCO Traditional-II Fishing Shorts offer anglers the most comfortable and functional fishing shorts on the market. Features include: 18″ length (7.5″ inseam), Bartacked seams, “Hidden stretch” waistband, Belt loops, Double-lined seat, “AFTCO” embroidered logo, 7 functional pockets, including a handy Cordura-lined pliers/utility pocket. Available in Green Camo, Natural, Khaki, Denim, Navy Blue, Black, Olive, Ocean, Red, Royal Blue, Coral, Mint, Sky, and Sun; Even sizes 28″-46″.

Pros: durable, pocket storage, super comfortable and simple fishing look

Cons: poor stitching at the fly

These AFTCO shorts are a combination of style and functionality. They provide ample space to store all pre, during and post fish catching options from pliers to extra line to a drink.

If these AFTCO shorts sounds like your fishing style and process, be sure to check them out here.

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